Cameron's Nursery/Guest Room Sneak Peek | Atlanta Newborn Photographer

I rarely have the chance to photograph and blog about personal stuff, but now that I'm tapping my toe waiting for baby #2 (16 more days!), I figured I'd share a few photos of Cameron's nursery.  It's hard to believe we will be a family of four in just a couple short weeks!

Because Kramer and I live in a 3 bedroom house, and already have one child, we decided to make our nursery co-function as a guest room.  We love that friends and family are able to stay with us, so the idea of losing our guest room so our foot long, 7 pound infant could have a dedicated room seemed kinda silly.  When I saw this great daybed at IKEA that has storage AND pulls out to a king size bed for, ahem, $300, it was a done deal.  When guests stay, we'll happily put Cameron in our room.  

My dear "frienn", Cathy, spends the night almost every Monday night (after a couple of quality TV hours watching The Bachelor), so I sometimes refer to this room as hers...especially after the number of hours she put into helping me decorate.  At one point we considered starting our own business assembling IKEA furniture for people because we realized how AWESOME we were at it.  But seriously, we had a lot of fun and learned a couple of practical decorating tips in the process:

1.  You, too, can replace an ugly light fixture.  Combine an electrician that says "it can't be done" with the nesting instinct of an 8-month preggo, and a few youtube videos, and installing a fun ceiling chandelier is a cinch (obvious but important note here:  turn off your power before handling electrical wires).

2.  Don't try to wallpaper.  I was really excited about this gold foil wallpaper by Hygge & West and their online tutorial made installation look oh so easy.  No.  Four hours later and wallpaper paste STILL on my and Cathy's clothes, it's not worth it.  Hire a professional.  :)

Here are a few more highlights.  Much of the inspiration from this room was from Pinterest of I can't take full credit, but sure enjoyed piecing it together.  Details listed under the photos.  Come on baby Cam...we can't wait to meet you!

Rustic metal wall letters and arrow:  Scott's antique market

Custom crib bedding and window panels:  

Daybed bedding and pillows:

White resin deer head:

Lettering prints: